indian-m-sex,سكس افريقيا is committed to enacting our mission with professionalism and integrity. We strive to do business ethically, honestly, and legally and expect the same of our employees and partners.

سكس افريقيا’s work focuses on the most basic of human needs – food security. As an organization devoted to this human right, we have established policies and codes of conduct that reflect our values as an organization and that enable us to do the most good for our beneficiaries.,sex-in-cafe

These standards apply to everyone connected with our organization, including all employees, managers, members of our board of directors, and all others who act on behalf of IFDC. All سكس افريقيا employees and representatives are subject to these policies to make sure how we work lives up to what we do.


  • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy 
  • Code Of Business Ethics and Conduct 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy
  • GDPR Policy
  • Global Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy 
  • Global HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy 
  • Human Trafficking/Forced Labor/Child Labor Policy 
  • Privacy Policy 


Confidential reports of or questions about potential ethical violations may be made at sex in nuns,, which provides both phone and online reporting options.